Our Approach

The question of “What really works in Developing Leaders?” is under-researched and international good practice is hard to find. Like artists, leadership development specialists express their creative freedom without the constraint of professional standards.

Research-validated proof of what works is hard to produce as it’s impossible to isolate the effect of leadership development interventions from other factors influencing performance. But, qualitative feedback is abundant. Like others, we have a view of what really works. Of equal importance to the relevance of content are the methods of teaching and learning, including the intervention’s overall structure, that determine whether or not leadership development makes an impact.

So, here’s how we deliver behavioural change that lasts:

  • We begin by listening to the challenges you face so to precisely identify the critical skills and mindset your leaders need to ensure successful performance.
  • We then set to designing a bespoke solution, working collaboratively to ensure that it is congruent with your organisation and participant needs.
  • We employ advanced, innovative learning methods to optimise learning impact. We use a rich combination of expert input, experiential, team-based and self-directed learning. We help leaders develop new leadership behaviour with skills practice activities supported by feedback and coaching.
  • On-the-job improvement is supported with practical, easy to use performance support tools.

Our consultants are creative, professional, personable and fun. We enjoy our work and if you like the sound of our approach, we would love to work with you.

Executive and Leadership Teams

We help Leadership Teams succeed by improving the quality and impact of conversations.

Future Leaders

We develop future leaders for the challenges they face and equip them with the critical skills they need to perform in the digital age.

Executives in Transitions

Via our Executive Transition Programme we accelerate new leader’s establishment of foundations required for sustainable success.

21st Century Skills

For clients intent on preparing their leaders for these challenges, we can help you by developing critical (21st Century) leadership skills in your leaders.