21st Century Skills

Given the myriad of factors affecting today’s corporate landscape, to include but not limited to digitalization, heightened global competition, complex value chain networks, the impact of social conscience and employee’s desires for meaningful work, companies keen to create value in the 21st Century urgently need to equip their leaders with a range of critical skills.

For clients intent on preparing their leaders for these challenges, we can help you by developing critical 21st Century leadership skills in your leaders. These include courage, collaboration, empathy, creativity, learning agility and mindfulness.

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Courageous leadership is an advantage in many situations: Admitting when you’ve made a mistake; Leading a team of more experienced, more expert colleagues; Standing up for your employees; Confronting reality, analysing the facts and presenting them to your boss; etc. In situations like these, openness, humility, compassion, decisiveness and speed help leaders take action effectively and quickly. Courageous leadership gives you the ability to do your job well.


As markets become more complex and traditional operating and business models evolve into interdependent and inter-organisational systems leaders must become successful collaborators. To develop collaboration we may utilise a team-based activity which brings collaboration to life in a real and memorable way, an exercise on collective intelligence wich gives leaders a new set of behaviours for working collaboratively, as well as research-based resources which give leaders confidence in knowing what has been proven to work.


Empathy used to be an unusual word in the corporate world but increasingly, it is a quality of leadership that employees, customers and society need, want and expect. Empathy and compassion are hallmarks of exceptional leaders and must be lived and witnessed. We develop leaders with the understanding and capacity to care about the results they deliver as well as the communities they serve.


Perhaps Einstein said it best “We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”. Our stubborn issues as well as new problems need the energy and originality of new ideas. We get behind creativity to develop the rich potential of human imagination that drives it. We then help you apply this to the challenges you face, with relevant, focused and effective results.

Learning Agility

The ability to learn is indisputably the strongest indicator of the potential to succeed. Many companies evaluate learning ability as a measure of potential but far fewer pay attention to developing this essential skill. From our own research, we know that each individual can improve their learning ability and in doing so, increase their potential to add value. We develop learning ability and we use it to engage participants to maximize their learning.


The discipline of mindfulness gives leaders the capacity to filter out distractions and hold focused attention on what really matters. With clear attention to what is essential, leaders work unencumbered towards the greater good, with more compassion and less self-interest, an optimal mindset for collaborative work. We support leaders in developing mindfulness in service of increased and focused engagement, and achievement of desired outcomes.

As experienced practitioners with an interest in the future of leadership and organisations, we’d be delighted to learn more about how you are preparing your leaders for the challenges of the 21st century, and explore how we can support your success.

Executive and Leadership Teams

We help Leadership Teams succeed by improving the quality and impact of conversations.

Future Leaders

We develop future leaders for the challenges they face and equip them with the critical skills they need to perform in the digital age.

Executives in Transition

Via our Executive Transition Programme we accelerate new leader’s establishment of foundations required for sustainable success.