Executive and Leadership teams

We help leadership teams succeed by improving the focus, quality and impact of conversations necessary to clarify strategic priorities, build engagement and accelerate the change they want to make.

What we Offer

There are many reasons why it makes sense to learn as a leadership team, for example: enhancing the speed of analysis, accelerating the capacity for innovation, improving decision making and execution, critical in securing competitive advantage. Further, collective intelligence is more effective than individual expertise. When leadership teams learn by addressing real issues together, they can take decisions and implement them much more quickly. Finally, learning as a leadership team increases engagement, ownership and accountability.

We help Leadership Teams address business challenges collaboratively with facilitated, off-site working sessions that enable learning, innovation, engagement and co- ordinated deployment.

The objectives of Leadership Teams’ development can be multiple:

  • Understand changes in your corporate landscape
  • Envision the future and clarify your strategic priorities
  • Plan change, and create engagement and implementation plans
  • Clarify the values and behaviours required by your culture to succeed
  • Develop your ability as an agile and adaptive leadership team
  • Improve conversational intelligence as you address current challenges
  • Get things done and realise your vision of success

Key Features

  • A series of off-site working sessions
  • Expert input
  • Responsive facilitation
  • Collaborative problem-solving
  • Discovery visits
  • Group reflection
  • Experiential and participative learning
  • Decision-making and planning
  • Innovative Pedagogy

Our Approach

We co-design and facilitate off-site working sessions which typically emphasise engagement and learning as a leadership team, working on challenges they face and applying critical thinking and collective intelligence to address these.

Future Leaders

We develop future leaders for the challenges they face and equip them with the critical skills they need to perform in the digital age.

Executives in Transition

Via our Executive Transition Programme we accelerate new leader’s establishment of foundations required for sustainable success.

21st Century Skills

For clients intent on preparing their leaders for these challenges, we can help you by developing critical (21st Century) leadership skills in your leaders.