Future Leaders

We develop future leaders for the challenges they face and equip them with the critical skills they need to thrive in the digital age.

What we Offer

We design and deliver bespoke solutions for high potential future leaders. We listen to understand your company-specific leadership needs and work in partnership to design interventions that equip your leaders to succeed.

We use learning methods that combine international best practice of external and internal experts with self-directed learning. This advantageous combination allows individuals and teams to discover and close leadership capability gaps.

We make learning relevant, moving and effective with experiential learning activities, discovery visits, behavioural simulations, self-reflection, skills practice with feedback and ‘on-the-job’ learning with peer-to-peer coaching.

Our online learning and performance tool , “How Do Now”, builds leadership ability through real, on-the-job experience using practical “How To… Guides” and Peer-to-Peer Feedback and Coaching.

To ensure business impact, we engage senior executives as active and involved sponsors, as internal subject matter experts and mentors to their next generation of future leaders.

Working in partnership, our solutions frequently include the selection of meaningful business issues for leaders to address in business challenge teams. Our approach delivers business value while developing leadership capability at the same time.

Beyond the design and delivery of bespoke solutions, we also have expertise in a range of “21st Century Leadership Skills” and we include these in our solutions when they are relevant. They include but are not limited to innovation, learning ability, collective intelligence, mindfulness, critical thinking, and empathy.

Key Features

  • Address business issues
  • Executive engagement
  • Innovative pedagogy
  • 21st century leadership skills
  • A journey of learning, implementation and Improvement
  • Team and self-directed learning journey
  • Immersive action and experiential learning experiences
  • Leader’s Toolkits and Quick Reference Guides
  • Behaviour self-assessment checklists
  • Online support for on the job development

Note: We also provide project management support, a digital learning ‘hub’ and Online Support for ‘On-the-Job’ Leadership Development.

Our Approach

We co-create and deliver our bespoke leadership development solutions which typically include on-the-job, face-to-face, self-directed, collaborative and digitally-enabled learning methods.

Executive and Leadership Teams

We help Leadership Teams succeed by improving the quality and impact of conversations.

Executives in Transition

Via our Executive Transition Programme we accelerate new leader’s establishment of foundations required for sustainable success.

21st Century Skills

For clients intent on preparing their leaders for these challenges, we can help you by developing critical (21st Century) leadership skills in your leaders.