How do key stakeholders measure the impact of customised executive development interventions in their organisation?

Purpose for this study: Completion of a Master of Science (MSc) in Organizational Behavior at Birkbeck, (University of London)


The aim of this study is to investigate how senior learning and development professionals and key stakeholders are measuring the impact of customised executive development interventions in their organisations. A qualitative approach of semi-structured telephone and face-to-face interviews were conducted with senior professionals and stakeholders across 18 organisations from the private and not for profit sectors.

Seven main themes emerged from the data we collected. The most popular methodology for measuring impact appears to be the use of post programme narrative interviews and storytelling with participants and key stakeholders to reveal indicators, signals or stories that account for success achieved. Findings from our conversations indicate that whilst everyone agrees that measuring impact of executive development interventions is crucial in today’s organisations, and something learning professionals need to become better at, few training professionals can demonstrate real results and impact in terms of individual and organisational benefit.

This small scale study demonstrates the diversity in approaches to impact measurement taken by training professionals in organisations, as well as the disparate levels of success achieved. It also underlines that an intervention alone has limited potential to impact performance in the workplace, as it represents only a part of the broader performance management process needed to drive organisational change.


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How do you measure the impact of Executive Education interventions (Accelerance Nov 2015)