Innovation in digital technology is changing the world as we know it..

But how is it changing executive and leadership development? How are companies using the advantages of digital to accelerate the development of their future leaders? And for those eager to do more, what guidelines are there for doing it well?

These are the questions our research set out to answer.

What we learned confirmed our impression that only a small number of companies are leveraging the full potential digital offers. There are good reasons for this. Like the challenges we help leaders solve, using digital technology to improve leadership development is also complex, uncertain and risky. It is hard to understand.

Combining real world insights from heads of leadership development and a distillation of ‘ideas that work’, this report offers practical steps for accelerating the use of digital technology in executive and leadership development.


Download the Report here: 

The role of Digital Technology in Executive and Leadership Development – Nov 2017 (Accelerance research report)