Client Need

The pace and complexity of change, driven by the digital revolution, makes it hard for the organisation to adapt and transform itself into the company they need to be. In order to build their desired future, the regional CEO decided to sponsor and actively drive a new regional leadership development programme for leaders one level below the regional management team.

The objectives of the programme were threefold: (1)- Accelerance development plans of these key talents; (2)- Help them gain greater self-awareness, emphasizing the strengths these leaders should continue to leverage; and (3)- Enable self-reflection on their leadership purpose as well as the organisation culture that they should contribute to create.

To support the delegates to progress through each stage of the learning journey successfully, fulfil their potential and enhance their leadership style and effectiveness to become “well-rounded leaders”,

Accelerance was asked to come up with a practical toolkit to help delegates enhance their leadership.



Accelerance developed a Leadership Development Self-Reflection Toolkit, i.e. a comprehensive set of self-directed development tools for senior leaders. The toolkit contained 15 development tools under five different categories: (1)- My Story and Today’s Corporate Context;  (2)- Clarifying My Leadership Purpose; (3)- Learning Ability; (4)- Embracing Developmental Challenges; (5)- Asking for Feedback on my Performance.

Aligned to the company purpose, vision and values, the toolkit was produced as a single A4 pdf document. In addition to guidance for leaders using it, we created guidance notes for Mentors to help them reinforce learning as well as briefing conversations for the head of talent development to assist her preparation for using selected tools in a workshop setting.



Feedback from key stakeholders including participants indicate that the toolkit was well received:

  • “In general the feedback was very positive around the toolkit, especially that it was simple and easy to use, with clear, and practical concepts; it really helped the leaders reflect and work through their learnings. I really enjoyed the collaboration and the great set of tools you provided us. Am very happy with the final outcome so thank you very much!” (Head Talent Management and Organization Development, Europe Middle East Africa)
  • “Very inspirational and I think participants can use this tool for their further learning journeys by adapting very easily as well” (Regional CEO)
  • “I find the toolkit spot on, and quite impressive” (Participant)