Client need

Accelerance was approached by a global medical company to co-create an initiative aimed at sharpening the competitive edge of the Asia leadership team, capitalising on their incredible success story to date. As their business looked to grow aggressively, the company acknowledged a need for their existing leadership culture to mature and adapt whilst honouring its heritage.

This journey, therefore, required an understanding of what needed to be done differently and implementing a progressive programme to support this leadership perspective.


In order to best serve the needs of our client, Accelerance proposed a two phased based approach:

  • Phase 1: One to one conversations with each member of the leadership team

During our initial scoping, we realised that members of the leadership team had not been offered a chance to express their thoughts, concerns or expectations previously. This was something which we saw as critical for empowering the members of the leadership team in taking ownership for the journey ahead. The aim of Phase 1 was therefore to clearly understand the perspectives of the core leadership team so that the subsequent programme could be designed around their concerns and challenges. This phase provided an opportunity for their voice to be heard which in turn: (1) kick-started the process of engagement by involving them as co-owners of the programme agenda; (2) Ensured the issues to be addressed are directly relevant and are of priority to the business; (3) Grounded all subsequent activities in their business reality rather than abstract theory.

  • Phase 2: One day workshop: “The Journey Ahead” (this was part of an on-going series of interventions forming an integrated “learning journey” over a period of 6 months)

The aim of the day include: (1) Building team ethos and establishing the “ties that bind” – Connect as colleagues and human beings. (2) Clarifying and sharing the new leadership expectations, hopes and aspirations. (3) Agreeing on priorities and clarifying next steps and responsibilities i.e. “small steps done well”.

As a result of phase 2, the participants came away with six commitments with senior delegates voluntarily placed against taking each commitment forward. Commitments include Approvals (The bureaucratic approvals process); Empowerment (Empowering ourselves and creating a team of equals); Talent (Invest in the future talent – team and resources, hire on potential); Strategy (Thinking and behaving strategically. Rebalancing time on today tomorrow); etc.

Our role included supporting all senior delegates in shaping their commitments so they would present progress at the end of their learning journey.


From the two phased based approach, the senior leadership team had:

  • Established the starting point for a new way of working together. The regional leadership team kick off offsite was hugely symbolic as a way of demonstrating the progressive changes their business was undergoing.
  • Identified a sense of what priorities (or commitments) were needed to align with their business growth.
  • Developed a new sense of purpose, energy and hope amongst the team
  • Reinforced the realisation that things needed to change
  • Clarified on what needed to stop in terms of leadership behaviours
  • collective appreciation of key actions moving forward