Client need

The target participants, approximately 30 managing principals (a level below partners), had an inconsistent understanding of what the firm valued, what its strategic aims were, and what leadership at the firm stood for. The recently completed merger had resulted in a great deal of uncertainty across the target group regarding the future direction of the firm, their career prospects, and the path to – and criteria for a promotion to Partner.

The target group’s ability and skill to grow the business and generate new sales going forward was found to be inadequate due to their strong focus on client delivery. The organisation was concerned that the leadership pipeline for promotion to Partner was inadequate to meet the current and future needs of its rapidly growing business.


Accelerance designed and delivered a three-day leadership program in which the Executive Management Team and the Senior Partners engage the target participants in an open dialogue that explored key strategic areas of priority.

  • Leader-led sessions – 80% of the program would be delivered by Executive Team members or Senior Partners;
  • Leveraging leaders’ passions – We created a series of opportunities within the program structure for each senior leader to engage the participants on a topic that they were passionate about;
  • Business simulation – participants applied their newly gained knowledge, insights and skills through a multi-day business simulation in which the participants, working in nine mixed teams, competed to win a “simulated” client mandate.

In collaboration with the partner organisation, we co-created a three three-day leadership program in which the Executive Management Team engaged the target participants in an open dialogue that explored five main themes including:

  1. Articulating the Strategic Direction;
  2. Understanding the Drivers of Financial Success;
  3. Building Trust-based Client Relationships;
  4. Stepping up to Partner;
  5. Communicating and Negotiating for Success.


  • 100% of the participants stated that they would be able to apply the knowledge, skills, and insights gained during the three-day program to their jobs. “The intervention was excellent and I enjoyed the focus on the skills required specifically for our role.”
  • “The interactive sessions, open and frank discussions, and feedback was invaluable to me.”
  • “The leadership team went all out into helping teach and educate us through the intensive 3 day course.”